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Why do I have to study in Ghana?
A : when you study outside your country, 1, you gain exposure 2, Traveling is part of education 3, you learn about other people and cultures  besides yours  4,  you will be able concentrate more, without distraction from friends and family.

How long will the admission process take if I apply through
A: You will receive your admission letter with 14 days, if you have provided the necessary documents and met the minimum requirement of your intended course of study.

How do I secure accommodation when I have been admitted?
A: if the school you intend to study in provides hostel accommodation, then you can pay for that upon arrival, else you we can arrange for your accommodation prior to your arrival, visit the property page for more info.

How do I receive funds from Nigeria ?
A: There are a number of Nigerian banks in Ghana, this will make it easy to receive funds from their branches here. Before you are able to open an account with any bank in Ghana as a foreign student, you will need to have a resident permit, which is issued by the immigration service on request from school.
Before then, you can only receive funds through bank transfer from the bank in Nigeria to their branch in Ghana, just like the western union money transfer.


How do I get to Ghana from Nigeria?
You can either travel by air or by road, traveling by air takes between 45min-1hr, while traveling by road could take between 9-11hrs, depending on the type of car.

Do I need a visa to travel to Ghana from Nigeria?
A: you don’t need a visa to travel to Ghana as a Nigerian citizen, but you will be granted a stay in Ghana  for 90days , if you exceed the 90days permit, then you will be required to pay a penalty at the immigration service, depending on how long you over stayed.
Those who study, work or do business in Ghana will need a resident permit which covers the duration of their intended stay.


Can I rent a property or buy a property in Ghana as a Nigerian?
A: yes, you can rent a property depend on the purpose of your stay and you can purchase a property as long as its genuine and meets the government requirements regarding lands.

How do I buy or rent property in Ghana?
You contact an agent in Ghana or take advantage of our property services, visit the property section of this site.


How do I pay for naija2ghana services?
A: Make your payment to any Guaranty Trust Bank branch near you, Account No:0041558277, Account Name: MELIGOGREEN CONCEPT.

How do I ensure that I get what I am paying for?
A: We do not receive cash payment from clients no matter the situation; this is because we need a third party/witness in each transaction, in this case  is the bank. When you make payment into our account, you are given a teller which becomes evidence, should there be any need for it.
Our company has been in operation for over 5years , and we have always ensured that our clients  get their money’s worth. And we work hard to ensure that we protect the reputation of excellence and integrity which we have built over the years.

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