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Travel Arrangements

Traveling to another country requires planning and organization ahead of time, thatís why we carry your travel burden on our shoulders to ensure you have a very smooth and successful stay in Ghana. Nigerians who intend to travel to Ghana for reasons such as Vacation, Study , Business, conferences etc, will benefit greatly from our travel services in the following ways.

ACCOMMODATION- Hotel reservation- we make payment on behalf of our clients, in hotels which will provide the perfect environment and match our client budget. This way our clients head straight to the hotel room as soon as they arrive, saving the time and extra cost of finding a hotel.

This could also be profitable for organizations who have their company representatives visiting Ghana for some reason.

TRANSPORTATION- we also make arrangement for movement of our clients who require car Hire services, to move them around during their stay, this as well can be arranged prior to our clients arrival.

ORGANIZING EVENTS- organizing an event or attending one in another country is quite stressful, issues such as , finding the right location, security, transportation, accommodation for attendants etc, become a very huge task. its our job to handle the stress for our clients and let them concentrate on achieving the main aim and objective of the events.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT- this is for Nigerian business men/women who intend to introduce their produce and services and build business relationships, with Ghanaian business men/women, we create the bridge, we find those who deal in same products and services and match them together.

Whatever your travel needs are, we can handle it at a minimal cost, Sends us an Email to


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